About Power Oil

Power Oil Rostock GmbH – a company belonging to Getreide AG – was founded in 2006 and operates one of the largest oil mills in Germany in the international port of Rostock. Our facility is located conveniently on the A19. We primarily process rapeseed from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which is by far the most important cultivating area in Germany and is right outside our doors.

The recording of the strictly conventional seed at the farms is coordinated by our sister companies at Getreide AG. We share our location in the international harbour with AMV Agrarhandel Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH. Here we profit from the good infrastructure and the short routes from the rapeseed field into our warehouse.

Rapeseed is one of the most important renewable oil and vegetable protein sources. Our modern facility has a processing capacity of up to 1,000,000 t of rapeseed annually. It contains no genetically modified organisms and is not subject to the GMO-labelling requirement. From it we extract up to 200,000 t of food-grade oil, 200,000 t rapeseed oil and 600,000 t of rapeseed meal.

Various opportunities of rapeseed processing


We also handle the logistics for the delivery of products to our customers. Experienced employees are at our customers side and cooperating with well-known forwardings.