Cooking Oil

Our range of cooking oils encompasses pure rapeseed cooking oils as well as mixtures of rapeseed cooking oils. We deliver cooking oils to major customers via tanker truck  or in the packaging IBC containers, canisters and  Bag-in-Box.

We are certified according to IFS(International Featured Standards), Kosher and Halal.

Our range of products

Fully refined rapeseed oil

This cooking oil is characterised by a neutral taste and long shelf-life. Delivery by tanker train as well as container.

Available containers: IBC 1.000l und 600l, Kanister 10l, BiB 10l

Frying Oil

Fully refined rapeseed oil with additive to improve heat stability and extended-length use.

Available containers: IBC 1.000l und 600l, Kanister 10l

Frying Oil Longlife

This mixture of fully refined rapeseed oil and high oleic sunflower oil is especially heat resistant and stable.

Available containers: IBC 1.000l und 600l, Kanister 10l, BiB 10l

Rapeseed oil with butter flavouring

Fully refined rapeseed oil with butter flavouring is especially suitable for steaming, frying and cooking.


Available containers: IBC 1.000l und 600l, Kanister 10l, BiB 10l  und 2l Flasche

Packaging types

Our packaging types are subject to German regulations/EU guidelines.

Here you get an overview about logistic data.


Our Bag-in-Box packaging offers a long product shelf-life and combines optimised handling with environmentally friendly packaging. It is more space-efficient than rigid containers, low-weight and recyclable.

The exterior packaging is made of corrugated cardboard and therefore renewable raw materials. It can be easily separated from the interior bag which is made based on polyethylene (PE).


Our licensed canisters provide our customers a high degree of flexibility.

The polyethylene (PE-HD) based-canisters are especially stable, which makes good handling possible.

The selected material is heat resistant so that if needed a suitable container for your used oil is ready immediately.


Our IBC-containers (Intermediate Bulk Containers) are available in different sizes and offer our customers a waste-free alternative to our other packages.

The polyethylene containers (PE-HD) used are transparent, UV – stabilised and have a long use life.
Once cleaned they can be re-used and are for this reason especially eco-friendly.

The product can be drawn off in doses using a drain cock.